I began consulting for KWSI-LP in January of 2017.  As a nonprofit, I knew that getting the best bang for their technology budget would be very important for them to meet their goal of putting the young people of Grand Junction on the air.

By using open source and cloud based systems, we’ve managed to save thousands of dollars in license fees, while still providing top-notch infrastructure to their growing organization.  Unless otherwise noted, all of the following were built and deployed by GCS.

The KWSI-LP system can be divided into several parts:

  • IT
    • A donated Dell Poweredge 1950 provides the core of KWSI’s IT operations.  It has been upgraded to hold 2TB of mirrored storage, and 32GB RAM.
    • Running Debian Linux and Virtualbox, this server runs virtual machines that provide the following services.
      • Streaming audio (Icecast)
      • Web sites (Apache, PHP, WordPress)
      • Email (FreeBSD, Postfix, Dovecot, Roundcube)
      • LDAP (OpenLDAP, LdapAccountManager)
      • NAS (FreeNAS 9.10)
      • Virtual Private Networking (OpenVPN through IPCop)
  • Broadcast
    • A robust set of Debian Linux workstations run Rivendell for radio automation, and Audacity for audio editing.
    • Graylog, a multipurpose logging suite, collects regulatory logs from the emergency broadcast system and transmitter.
    • A custom written podcast aggregation shell script automatically downloads and scheduled syndicated programming.
  • Records Management
    • A full deployment of CiviCRM, integrated with WordPress, provides this small nonprofit with big city data gathering and analytic capabilities.  With the ability to manage donations, mailing lists, and promotions, the open source CiviCRM has been built to be the central hub for any membership driven organization.
  • Data storage
    • Using FreeNAS, KWSI-LP is protected against viruses, ransomware, and accidental deletions. All files can be shared over the network, with full access control, using a unified password database.  Works with Windows, Linux, and Mac, all with a single set of usernames and passwords.
  • Operations
    • Cloud based voice over IP telephones save substantially over the lines sold by the cable company. Works in power outage by automatically forwarding calls to employee cellphones.
    • Managed network switch and firewall, combined with remote access, provide secure, encrypted work-from-home capabilities.

These systems have been built and tested over time, with close cooperation with the customer.  All software is industry standard, and compatible with all major platforms and media types.  If your business or nonprofit has complicated requirements, like KWSI-LP, please give me a call.

No job too complex, big, small, or strange*: 970-260-5687



* GCS reserves the right to determine what might be too strange.