Services Offered

I can represent your business when dealing with outside tech support, communication companies, and IT vendors.  Through experience, I understand the industry jargon, the acronyms, and the hidden costs associated with IT.  I can be the friendly translator your organization needs to deal with the complex and expensive world of technology.  I’ve navigated the mazes of all the tech support agencies, from Amazon to Quickbooks. I can get RMAs, track orders, deal with recalls and service bulletins, install critical patches, flash firmware, and all the other important things that a voice on the line will ask of you.

Need a website? I can set you up with your very own WordPress site, at a domain and hosting company of your choosing.  Enjoy the open source software used by thousands of businesses worldwide.  I’ll take the mystery out of domain registration, hosting, content management, and all those buzzwords.

Do you pay a lot of money for your office phone system? Would you like me to show you how you can take control of your own numbers and have phone providers compete over you? Seriously, I can help with your expensive phone problem, and save your company hundreds of dollars a year.

I can also work on these things, and many others that aren’t listed here.

  • Systems
    • Line-of-business software, database whispering
    • Linux servers and applications
    • High performance gaming and media production systems
    • Server virtualization and consolidation
    • Legacy system support and migration
  • Networking
    • Wireless systems
    • Internet Protocol meditations
    • Remote access and virtual networks
    • Access control and directories
  • Commerce
    • Point of sale system repair and maintenance
    • Web based databases and CRM
    • WordPress, training and setup
  • Specialized
    • Automotive systems (GPS, camera, radio, etc)
    • Analog audio and video in broadcast environments
    • Software configuration and installation
    • Diverse electronics troubleshooting and diagnosis
  • Electronics recycling and refurbishment
    • Need a $60 laptop for your 8 year old? I can help with that.
    • Want to get rid of fifteen old office computers? Let’s talk.
    • Looked everywhere for an obscure part? Maybe I have it.