Equipment repair

Consultants and contractors can be notoriously evasive.  Not me! Here’s a list of common equipment repairs and their associated costs.  I will always let you know in advance if your particular job is going to be more time or parts, but this guide is current as of July 2017.

  • On site service call to repair computer/printer/amplifier/phone system/etc — $115/hr
  • Laptop screen replacement — $150 labor, $65 parts and shipping
  • Laptop power jack repair — $150 labor, may not look exactly like it originally did, but will be much stronger
  • Desktop power supply replacement $57.50 labor, avg. $40 parts

For large jobs, sliding rates are available. Some broken devices will require automated testing, which may take several hours (imagine doing a virus scan of over a million files).  You’ll not be billed for any time the computer spends working on its own problems.  However, these operations will take an unavoidable amount of time, so I’ll make sure to let you know how long the machine will be out of commission before starting.